Tata Wants $10 Airbag For Small Car Nano

Tata Wants $10 Airbag For Small Car Nano The Indian car maker Tata Motors, is planning on a $10 airbag for its worlds cheapest Nano supermini. Now this seems quite logical if not realistic as a conventional airbag would almost cost 10% of the retail price of $2500 (1lakh) Nano. So to keep prices under control Tata has asked occupant safety systems supplier Autoliv IFB to develop airbags that cost only $10 each. How and when, if ever a dirt-cheap airbag gets developed remains to be seen, but one thing is certain that nobody does cost-cuttings better than Tata Mototrs.

The base variant of Nano will be a no-frill car, thats is no airbags, no air-conditioning, just a five seat skeleton car that moves. But the delux or the high-end version of Nano is expected to have two frontal air bags plus the regular air-conditioning, music system and alloy wheels, all for little more that $2500 (1lakh).

Nobody beleived Ratan Tata, chairman Tata Motors when he disclosed his intent to develop a $2500 small car. Within few years he proved his critics wrong by launching his promised budget car Nano, that will go on sale in India later this year. So when Mr Tata says he plans to get a $10 airbag, you better beleive him. Moreover, Autoliv is the worlds largest manufacturer of air bags, and given the large volumes that Nano is expected to sell, Tata and Autoliv may be able to pull off the deed. Atleast their chances are bright.

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