Comparison: Maruti Suzuki Swift New Vs Old - Why So Similar

Pictorial Comparison between new 2011 & old 2005 Maruti Suzuki Swift Everyone who has been till now eagerly waiting for new 2010-2011 Maruti Suzuki's Swift seems to be complaining about how similar the new & the old hatchback looks. Even we agree that the brand-new Swift looks very much like the old one – at least at first glance. It has the same cheeky grin, the same concise shape, the same agile presence. But if you really know the previous generation Swifts inside-out, you’ll surely notice some very real differences in the new Swift model.

But the question that remains unanswered is what made Suzuki adopt such cautious approach towards the design of its new baby. In fact, one gets the sense that the Swift designers were almost scared to make changes. The answer lies in the fact the Suzuki didn’t wanted to mess with Swift’s success formula. There was too much at stake to take a risk.

Maruti Suzuki Swift is easily the most recognisable car on the road, thanks to its unique body shape and design. And being the only true global model in Suzuki’s product range makes it one of the most important car for it. Around 2 million units of Swift have been ‘swiftly’ produced since November 2004 in seven factories around the world and are being sold in over 100 countries.

Suzuki says its next generation Swift is ‘All-New’. We believe that due to the fact that the under-the-skin changes are much more extensive than the styling would suggest. But focus of this post is to highlight key exterior design changes in the new Swift.

Although very similar at first glance, the differences become more evident when old and new Suzuki Swift stand side by side. So that’s why we have compiled some photographic comparison between the All New 2011 Maruti Suzuki Swift and evergreen 2005 Swift. Hope we have succeed in highlighting the key exterior-interior differences between the styling in our Swift vs Swift comparison photo gallery.

In our view the exterior detailing is more now distinctive, ensuring an unmistakably more contemporary appearance. The elongated headlight and tail-light clusters are more pronounced with stronger shapes. A redesigned boot opening is all new. Larger wheels with a fresh design, and wider, lower-profile tyres emphasise the new Swift’s more planted stance. The biggest step concerns the length (+90 mm) and wheelbase (+50 mm), while the height (+10 mm) and width (+5 mm) remain almost unchanged.

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Photo Gallery: Comparison- New vs Old Maruti Suzuki Swift

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