Toyota Aqua / Prius C: World’s Most Fuel Efficient Hybrid Launched

Toyota Officially Launches New 2012 Prius C / Aqua Hybrid Hatchback Toyota recently launched in Japan its latest compact car which is being said to be the world’s most fuel efficient mass produced hybrid vehicle (excluding plug-in hybrid vehicles). The new car is being touted as a small successor to Toyota’s revolutionary Prius and is called Aqua in home market and Prius C in other countries. With addition of Prius C hatchback, Toyota now has 4 Prius-badged hybrid models that includes the regular Prius, the new plug-in Prius PHEV and the Prius V minivan.

According to Toyota’s Press Release, “the Aqua incorporates 17 years of Toyota expertise and technology in the development of mass-produced hybrid vehicles, and boasts a small, light and efficient hybrid system that achieves a world-leading fuel efficiency”. On the Japanese JC08 test cycle (a new method of finding fuel efficiency), the Aqua gave an incredible fuel economy of 35.4 km/L (83.3 mpg) and 40.0 km/L (94 mpg) under the MLIT 10-15 test cycle (the original Japanese method of calculating efficiency numbers).

Aqua, which means water in Latin, is powered by a 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine producing 74 hp, and mated to a 45 kW electric motor. Combined output of 100 hp is enough to push it to 100 km/h (62mph) in 10.7 seconds in combination with its CVT gearbox. Aqua has a length of 3.9 meters as compared to 4.48 meters Prius and costs around 22% lesser. The car’s base model is priced at 1,690,000 yen in Japan which is about Rs 11,42,973. But if Toyota decides to launch Aqua in India in near future with 1.2L engine under the hood then we can hope for a much lower pricing.

Toyota Aqua/Prius C Technology Highlights:
  • A cooled Exhaust-Gas Recirculation (EGR) system improves efficiency in the high-expansion-ratio Atkinson cycle engine.
  • Also contributing to increased engine efficiency is a battery-powered water pump, a friction-reducing beltless design and precise coolant-water-flow volume control.
  • A selectable electric-vehicle mode (EV Mode) enables driving with only the electric motor.
  • The hybrid battery has been sized for placement under the rear seat, resulting in a spacious cargo area of 305 liters.
  • The Hybrid System Indicator offers easy-to-understand information concerning eco-driving, such as effective accelerator use. Also part of the information system is Eco Judge ranks eco-driving on a 100-point scale, and Eco Wallet shows money saved as compared with other levels of fuel efficiency.
  • Automatic air conditioning is equipped with an electric inverter compressor run by the electric motor, enabling a comfortably air-conditioned interior even when the engine is off.

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Photo Gallery: New 2012 Toyota Prius C / Aqua Hybrid Hatchback
Exterior Front: Toyota Prius C / Aqua Hybrid
Exterior Side: Toyota Prius C / Aqua Hybrid Car
Exterior Side: Blue Color Toyota New Prius C / Aqua Hybrid
Exterior Back: Blue Color Toyota New Prius C / Aqua Hybrid
Interior: Dashboard: Toyota New Prius C / Aqua Hybrid
Interior: Front Seat: Toyota New Prius C / Aqua Hybrid
Interior: Back Seat: Toyota New Prius C / Aqua Hybrid
Orange Color Toyota New Prius C / Aqua Hybrid

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