US Model 2009 Mazda 6 vs Rest Of World

09 Mazda6If you are a regular blog follower, then you must have come across lot of posts stating how different Mazda's 2nd generation Mazda6 looks. Well today we'll try to compare the looks of US model of 2009 Mazda6 with its counterparts in rest of the world. Designed specifically for North America, the car shares many cues with the Japanese and European-market cars that hit the market last year.

The Mazda6 that Americans and Canadians will drive is, in fact, bigger than its overseas counterparts. Visually, the front and rear fascias differ from the Japanese and European models as well. The USDM car gets a bisected grille and has its foglamps pushed out to the corners below the bumper. The car gets a completely different trunk, rear bumper, and exhaust treatment that's more appealing than the plainer setup Japanese and Europeans get.

Up front, we've noticed that this Mazda6 prototype features an open grille with a single crossbar, as opposed to the honeycomb-like grille of the European version. The lower air intake is also entirely different. Finally, the hood features a pair of soft subtle creases, whereas the bonnet of the Euro-spec model gets a single, sharp crease down the center. The headlamps and taillights are completely different, and the rear of the car is also all new.

The U.S. version will feature a pair of sporty exhaust tips integrated into its rear apron, which itself also features more curves than the Euro version.

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