Nissan To Build Dodge Hornet For Chrysler

Nissan's Dodge Hornet For Chrysler An updated version of the Dodge Hornet for sale in North America and other markets is going to be assembled/built by Nissan for Chrysler and not the Chinese automaker Chery as was being reported earlier. Autonews states that the Dodge Hornet concept car, which caused a buzz at the 2006 Geneva auto show, is likely to go into production next year as a 2010 model. It is being expected that the general dimensions and squat looks of the concept will make it to the production verion.

"We are working intensely on the Hornet study," Thomas Hausch, Chrysler vice president of international sales, said last week. "I think we will announce something on this in the future." We'll be anxiously waiting to hear more Mr Hausch.

With record fuel prices and eco awareness, the world is turning against the big, heavy cars that have been making money for Chrysler till now. So this seems to be good time for superminis like Dodge Hornet.

Chrysler and Nissan have yet to officially announce the details but it is expected that Hornet will be built on the latest version of Renault-Nissan's global B-platform which is currently doing service on Nissan Cube and Renault Clio.

Source: Autonews Via: Autoblog
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Photo Gallery: Dodge Hornet Concept High-Res Pictures.
Dodge Hornet Concept Dodge Hornet Concept Dodge Hornet Concept
Dodge Hornet Concept Dodge Hornet Concept Dodge Hornet Concept

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