Spy Video: Tata Nano Caught Testing

Spy Video: Tata Nano Caught Testing The buzz about the upcoming $2500 Nano hatchback had kind of died down after its debut at the Delhi and Geneva Auto Show. The focus had shifted to the Indian carmaker Tata Motors takeover of Jaguar and Land Rover. But now the worlds cheapest car, Tata Nano is back in news with its spy video being uploaded on Youtube.

This is the first time that Nano has been caught on video. Till now nobody had seen any spy photo or video of this cute little hatch due to the high level of secrecy that Tata had maintained about its pet project. The video below shows the base model (black bumper) of Nano being tested on the old Bombay Pune Highway in India without any camo whatsoever.

Tata Nano coined as “The People’s Car” in India due to its rock bottom prices has a RWD all-aluminum, two-cylinder 623 cc petrol engine making 33 hp and is efficient enough to attain a fuel economy of about 55 mpg. The car is expected to hit the Indian market later this year and its delux model might have a $10 airbag (Read).

Tata is also said to be working on the world’s first compressed air car called Tata OneCat which Tata expects to be more efficient than any present hybrid car. We'll be on lookout for more about about this concept but till then checkout the Nano in action below.

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Spy Video: Tata Nano On the Move.

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