Hamann Tuned BMW M3 E92 Coupe

The famous German tuner Hamann released this month the details on the HAMANN BMW M3 E92 coupe. Hamann BMW M3 E92 Coupe The HAMANN BMW M3 E92 coupe gets 20 hp and 25 Nm more from the V8 making it a total of 440 hp and 425 Nm of torque. With the speed limiter removed the HAMANN BMW M3 E92 coupe has a top speed of 300 km/h.
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Full assortment by the specialist - The HAMANN tuning program for the BMW M3 Coupe E 92.
If we don’t have it, it doesn’t exist – this is the HAMANN motto for its extensive part program for the current M3 Coupe. Since 1986, the Laupheim-based company has developed and manufactured products for the individualisation of BMW automobiles, using their experience gained in the heated battle of motorsport. The result: powerful performance enhancements, lift-reducing aerodynamics components and a stable sport braking system. Striking 19- and 20- inch light alloy rims and precious interior modifications made of aluminum and carbon complement these upgrades.

Enhanced performance for a better elasticity and more joy in driving
The first tuning level increases the standard figures of the V8 (309 kw/420 hp) by 15 kw/20 hp and delivers an additional 25 Nm (series: 400 Nm) on the crank shaft. This is achieved by an optimised engine map. The V/max limitation is annulled and the top speed increases to 300 km/h.

Another performance kit is called Sportkit HM/M +35. And the name says it all: after the modification, the engine has up to 35 hp/26 kw more power. The torque rises by 48 Nm and the speedometer doesn’t stop until it reaches 320 km/h. Another component of this enduring performance kit is a sportive exhaust system. It is made of stainless steel and is therefore non-corroding and includes a metal catalyser as well as a middle section- and rear section muffler. The comprehensively optimised motor management matches this feature. An earthy sound and a significantly perceptible performance improvement will delight the BMW-pilot from now on.

In the design stage, HAMANN perfectly harmonises the individual components of the aerodynamic package. The result is a breath-taking styling with an optimised airflow. The sportive-dynamic front spoiler, which goes hand in hand with the rear skirt and the rear spoiler, reduces the lifting forces and forms a whole new look. The optical link between front and rear is accomplished with the HAMANN side skirts and the shapely roof spoiler. The precisely fitted Body-Kit is attached on the standard attachment points. Prices start at 2,400 Euros.

Sportive or elegant

The HAMANN rim program takes the individual wishes of the M3-clientele into account. No matter if the customer is looking for a sportive distinctive or elegant and noble appearance - HAMANN offers varying tire designs and sizes. Named ANNIVERSARY I and ANNIVERSARY I BLACK LINE, a one-piece tire in a severalpart look with 19 inches is offered. Both rims have a high-gloss INOX stainless steel lip, but differ as they either have a silver- or black-lacquered rim-star.

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Hamann BMW M3 E92 Coupe Hamann BMW M3 E92 Coupe Hamann BMW M3 E92 Coupe Hamann BMW M3 E92 Coupe Hamann BMW M3 E92 Coupe Hamann BMW M3 E92 Coupe Hamann BMW M3 E92 Coupe Hamann BMW M3 E92 Coupe Hamann BMW M3 E92 Coupe Hamann BMW M3 E92 Coupe Hamann BMW M3 E92 Coupe Hamann BMW M3 E92 Coupe Hamann BMW M3 E92 Coupe

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