Myths About Nitrogen Filled Tyres Busted: Video

Should You Fill Your Car's Tires With Nitrogen?
Nitrogen vs Air Filled Tyres: Which is better? A lot of people believe that since nitrogen filled tyres are used in hi-tech products like space shuttles, aircrafts and race cars, so that makes them good for our modest automobiles as well.

Pros, cons of using nitrogen in tires

Theoretically its correct but practically speaking, the nitrogen used in motor racing and other extreme applications is completely dry, meaning it has 0% humidity and such quality nitrogen can't be made available at local dealerships. So what we get instead is nitrogen with traces of water vapor which completely diminishes any benefits that we hoped to achieve except for less loss of air pressure over time.

In the video below, the guys at Fifth Gear drive and compare two identical Suzuki Swift, with tyres of one filled with compressed air and other with nitrogen in an attempt to find the truth behind the myth.

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