2009 Chevrolet Corvette Comparison: ZR1 Vs Z06

2009 Chevrolet Corvette Comparison: ZR1 Vs Z06 The three year old Corvette Z06 and the latest 09 Corvette ZR1 are both fast sports cars but the new ZR1 is in a league of its own. Z06 comes with 7.0L engine which produces 72hp/L while the LS9 in ZR1 comes at 6.2L and gives 103hp/L. There are many other specification differences. Here we are more concerened about the visual differences between the two.

From the outside there aren't any drastic design changes that differentiate Z06 from ZR1. But if you look closely you will definately find many subtle changes. Allow us to help you out here. On the inside the one change that we immediately noted was the replacement of the 200 mph speedometer in the Z06 with a new unit that goes up to 220 mph in the ZR1.

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Exterior changes that differentiate ZR1 from Z06 include the new carbon fiber splitter at the front end of ZR1. Also the single fender vent on the sides of Z06 is changed for ZR1 to a pair of larger vertically stacked vents. Further, ZR1 comes with a raised hood that provides adequate clearance for the LS9, while a polycarbonate window in the hood provides a view of the engine beneath it. The roof of the ZR1 is also made of visible carbon fiber which Z06 can't boost off. Also the entire front clip on new Corvette is made of the carbon fiber, although those parts are painted. If you have an eye for detail you won't miss the bright blue Brembo brake calipers on ZR1 which come in red color on Z06.

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