Nissan Leaf's Glow-In-The-Dark Paint Looks Spooky

Nissan Leaf electric vehicle with organic glowing paint
Nissan Leaf Glows In Dark
Nissan really wants its Leaf EV owners to easily find their cars at night, as it has created a world's first unique glow-in-the-dark paint named StarPath. It is designed to absorb UV energy from the sun throughout the day and at night it is able to glow for eight to 10 hours. If you are a Tron movie fan than definately you will love it but to others it can look a bit scary at night.

According to Nissan, the paint is made entirely of organic materials and the glow will last for 25 years, that is much more than the average life of a vehicle. If you want to get a feel of it, then checkout the spooky video above that Nissan has created showing a glowing Leaf electric car wandering around in the dark.

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