BMW i8 - What Color You Want?

BMW i8 Colour Wrap
BMW i8 Color Wrap
The BMW i8 is the ultimate modern eco-friendly hybrid sports car. It's officially available in a decent range of colors like silver, white, grey etc. If you find this color choice very limited, don't worry, just buy any shade of i8 and then finalize the color you want!! Does this sound silly?? Not really. For a few thousand bucks you can get your i8 wrapped in almost any color you can possibly think of. Its that easy, ... i mean choosing the color not the wrapping part.

A vinyl wrap is an alternative for those looking to change the exterior look of a vehicle without having to repaint. It involves covering an entire vehicle in a pattern or a solid shade vinyl which comes in an endless variety of colors . Wrapping a car like BMW i8 is pretty complex process since its futuristic styling present some very unique aerodynamic shapes and features. A good quality vinyl wrap if installed properly can last for about 5 – 7 years easily. And even when you get bored of it, the wrap can be removed revealing the original unaffected paint finish underneath.

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