Video: Qatar's Fleet Of Porsche Police Cars

Qatar's Police Fleet of Porsche Cayenne and PanameraIt’s a well known fact that people in Saudi Arabia has special liking for Audi vehicles and that’s why the term “saudis in audis” is famous. But what we were not aware of was the kind of passion people in Qatar (a country known to have highest per-capita GDP on Earth mainly due to its vast oil and natural gas reserves) has for Ferrari badged SUVs and sportscars.

When someone talks about the Republic Day parade of India, usually the picture that we get in mind is of large armored vehicles and tanks. But looking at the video of Qatar National Day parade (it happens each year in commemoration of Qatar's unification and independence) made us realize what transformation can happen if our country has loads of cash to burn and low crime rate.

Check out the clip below showing Qatar Police Force proudly displaying to the assembled crowd its gigantic fleet of Porsche Cayenne SUVs and Porsche Panamera sedans along with several Toyota Land Cruiser. It should be noted that this Arab state is a major shareholder in Porsche SE and Volkswagen group. So in short it won’t be wrong to says: “qataris in ferraris” just like “saudis in audis”.

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Video: Porsche Police Cars Parade in Qatar

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