VW Polo Sedan Maybe Badged As The Vento

Photo: VW Polo Sedan Sketch Volkswagen has a history of selling sedan version of Polo hatchback in many countries across the globe. Even the previous generation Polo had a sedan variant called the Polo Classic. And what you see here are said to be new sketches of the upcoming Volkswagen Polo Sedan, being dubbed as VW Vento.

It doesn’t look particularly surprising as the change to a sedan bodytype is quite straightforward – adding a boot and making few changes to the front nose and the backlights to differentiate it from hatch. And this saves loads of money and time as building a car from scratch would have taken years.

There are no awkward lines to be smoothened out as the Polo has quite a squareish straight-cut design to begin. The Vento will likely ride on a 50mm longer wheelbase (than the Polo). While this is a minor change, the additional length will allow for increased rear seat head and legroom. The Vento will be launched in India sometime in July this year.

Source: Leblogauto.com
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Photo: VW Polo Sedan Sketch
Photo: VW Polo Sedan Sketch

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