2009 Honda Insight To Be World's Cheapest Hybrid

Honda Insight Concept Hybrid Photo Honda will debut its Toyota Pirus challenger, the new Honda Insight as a concept car at the 2008 Paris Motor Show next month. Touted as being the least expensive hybrid in the world, the Insight hatchback is going to hit the market in 2009 with a possible base price of $18,500. It will share styling cues with the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle as can be seen from Honda's official pictures for the upcoming concept.

The Insight Concept defines a new stage in the evolution of hybrid technology by utilizing a more cost-efficient version of Honda's Integrated Motor Assist™ (IMA™) hybrid technology. The production Insight will be offered as a five-door, five-passenger hatchback. Numerous technologies, including a function to assist customers in achieving more fuel efficient driving habits, will be applied to achieve a further improvement in real world fuel efficiency.

Along with the Civic Hybrid, the new vehicle will be produced at an expanded hybrid vehicle production line at the Suzuka factory in Japan. The Insight is expected to have annual global sales of 200,000 units per year - approximately 100,000 in North America. Following the launch of the new Insight, Honda also plans to introduce another unique sporty hybrid vehicle based on the CR-Z, first shown at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show.

The original Honda Insight was introduced in December 1999 as America's first gas-electric hybrid car. The first vehicle to break the 70-mpg fuel economy barrier, Insight was designed from the ground up to demonstrate the potential for fuel-economy in a two-seater subcompact automobile.

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