Yamaha's New 2009 Star VMax Debuts In US

2009 Yamaha Star VMax After ten years of R&D, Yamaha's cruiser series of motorcycle brand in America, the Star Motorcycles unveiled its 2009 VMax aboard the USS Midway in San Diego. The 197.4 hp VMax is powered with 1679cc liquid cooled four cylinders configured into a 65-degree V making monstrous 123 pound-feet of torque. The big body size and huge intakes give VMax a brooding and masculine profile. For 2009, Star will offer just 2,500 VMax's for sale in the U.S.A. with price tag of $17,990.

Expect a nice rush of power at around 6,650 RPM as the intake funnels shrink to their shortest length, which is sort of an electronic version of the iconic V-Boost from the original edition. To unleash the formidable amount of acceleration, the 2009 VMax has been equipped with Yamaha's YCC-T chip-controlled throttle opening up 48mm throttle bodies to go along with a YCC-I chip-controlled intake. The intake system has switchable funnel lengths from tall (150mm) to short (54mm) at 6650 rpm. According to Star the response of the fly-by-wire throttle system is instantaneous.

The VMax first came on the market in 1985. It's received only minor updates and color changes in the years since. But for 2009, Star has gone all out, outfitting the bike with fuel injection, anti-lock brakes and many of the same MotoGP-derived technologies it uses on its supersport models, i.e. a slipper clutch and computer-controlled throttle and intake systems to deliver power more responsively. The chassis has also been updated with an all-aluminum frame that uses the engine as a stressed member and jacked-up components that can handle some major thrashing, i.e. 52 mm titanium-coated fork tubes and 6-piston-caliper, 320 mm wave rotor brakes on the front.

The 2009 VMax comes with a round dial speedo, tach and indicator lights mounted on the handlebars. On the tank is a virtual onboard computer. Dubbed the organic electro luminescence multifunction display, it's got all the standard functions like an odometer, clock, dual trip meters, fuel gauge and gear position indicator. It also tells you coolant temp, mpg, intake air temp, throttle valve opening angle, has a stopwatch and a countdown indicator.

VMax has always been known for its powerful V4 engine, shaft drive, and distinctive styling. While famed for its quick acceleration, it is often criticized for its poor cornering ability and soft suspension. How well the new Hulk performs still remains to be seen.
Via: Autoblog

Photos: 2009 Yamaha Star VMax Pictures.
2009 Yamaha Star VMax 2009 Yamaha Star VMax 2009 Yamaha Star VMax
2009 Yamaha Star VMax 2009 Yamaha Star VMax 2009 Yamaha Star VMax
2009 Yamaha Star VMax 2009 Yamaha Star VMax

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