2009 Honda Legend Debuts At Busan Auto Show

2009 Honda Legend Debuts At Busan Auto ShowThe new 2009 Honda Legend sedan was unveiled at the ongoing 2008 Busan Auto Show in South Korea. From the pictures (courtesy of TheCarFanatic.com) there does not appear to be any major change but only a facelift on the previous version of the Legend, sold in the USA as the Acura RL. If you remember, the new 2009 RL was launched two months ago at this years Chicago Auto Show.

The immediate difference that can be noticed between the US model Acura RL and the new Legend is in their front grille design. RL comes with in-the-face shield-style grille whereas Legend got a more mature looking grille thats has a classy feel to it.

The car is expected to come equipped with the same 3.5L V6 petrol engine as the new Accord sedan. This engine is famous for its VCM (Variable Cylindre Management) feature, which can switch off up to three cylindres, in order to improve fuel economy and lower emissions.

More details about the latest generation Legend will appear towards the end of the year when the car is expected to be launched in the market.

New 09 Model Honda Legend Photos & Pictures
2009 Honda Legend 2009 Honda Legend

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