2009 BMW 7 Series Interior: Spy Photo

2009 BMW 7 Series Interior Spy Picture This car interior spy photo has been verified to be the new F01 7-series interior. It's a preproduction / mock-up using termporary materials, but the design is final. The gear shift lever has moved back to the center console and there are more buttons on the steering wheel.

Just like the exterior as seen in initial spy shots of BMW's upcoming 2009 7 Series, the interior also appears to be subdued. The woodgrain and some of the panels don't line up well, but that's ok considering that this is not yet a production model. Good to see that the iDrive screen is better integrated into the dash.

These and earlier spy shots shows a definate move by BMW towards new and more simple design ethos but how well these change will be accepted by BMW's target audience still remains to be seen.

Source: e90post
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2009 BMW 7 Series Interior Spy Photo
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