2009 Acura TL Gets AWD : Buzz & Spy Photos

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2009 Acura TL Gets AWD : Buzz & Spy Photos Some details about the Honda's upcoming 4th generation 2009 Acura TL are beginning to leak out. No specific info about its actual debut has yet been released. But definately the launch of 2009 Acura TL is very close, you can just smell it. If you can't then read all the Buzz below and see some spy photos & pictures as well.

Acura cars: What's coming in 2009 - - and beyond
Acura is expected to go three for three on its car lineup, introducing a new version of the mid-size TL.
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Rumormill: 2009 Acura TL coming in 2 flavors, gets AWD
2008 Acura TL Badge According to our anonymous tipster, the '09 TL range will consist of two models. The front-wheel-drive car will be powered by a 3.5L V6 delivering 280 horsepower. The step-up version will feature SH AWD and have a 3.7L, 300-horsepower V6 underhood (presumably the same one used in the MDX).
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2009 Acura TL Sneak Peek
For starters, the 2009 Acura TL should switch from front-wheel drive, which Accord retains, to the Super-Handling AWD used for Acura's RL flagship sedan and RDX and MDX sport-utilities.....The 2009 Acura TL should also get a more-potent base engine, with the current 3.2-liter V6 replaced by a version of the Type-S model's 3.5. We think horsepower will check in at around 275, up from 258, matched by fatter torque output that should benefit midrange acceleration with an automatic transmission, which will probably remain mandatory. To keep pace, the Type-S would go from 286 to maybe 300 horsepower, also with more torque in the bargain. Given Honda's usual emphasis on the best fuel economy with the lowest emissions, both TL engines should employ the company's cylinder-deactivation feature.
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2009 Acura TL: What To Expect From The New TL, TL Type-S
2009 Acura TLThe regular 2009 TL sedan will inherit the 3.5-liter V6 under the hood of the current TL Type-S. That motor puts out 286 HP now however, we expect this V6 to be tuned up to just over 300 horses when it finds its new home in the 2009 TL's engine compartment....The much more exciting news lies in the next generation TL Type-S. Under the hood you will find the 3.7-liter V6 from the MDX CUV. That's an engine already rated at 300 HP in the MDX and our industry sources tell us to expect this motor to be good for around 330 HP in the TL's hot rod version.....The last bit of good news on the Type-S is the slush box. A 6 speed, manumatic DSG gearbox will be standard equipment on this faster-than-average sports sedan.
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2009 Acura TL AWD
A couple of Honda Exc. came up to the dealership last week. Showed pictures of the new TL to my owner and such. Unfortunately the interior images were not shown cause the laptop somehow died (go figure) before they got to it. Point being they did say that the 09 TL will have the AWD as highest end trim level and will be a v6 pushing 310 horsepower......The exterior of the TL looks very "futureistic" and very very aggressive. They were quite impressed. Apparently the base TL will have around the same out put as the TYPE S. 3.5L FWD 286 hp.
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2009 Acura TL Spy Photo Gallery

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