Mahindra XUV500 Recalled For Airbag Issue

Mahindra recalls XUV500 SUV for airbag issue
Mahindra XUV500 Recalled
Mahindra has initiated a voluntary recall for its XUV500 W4/W6/W8 manufactured on or before July 2014 to rectify an issue with the side curtain airbag software. The customers effected by the recall will be contacted individually by the company and the software will be upgraded free of cost. Also it has been confirmed that this service action does not include any part replacement for Mahindra XUV500.

Mahindra XUV500 SUV Recall
Mahindra XUV500 SUV Recall

The company has not disclosed exactly how many XUV500 models are being recalled but a rough estimate indicates that it will be limited to a few thousand vehicles as not all variants of Mahindra SUV come loaded with side curtain airbags. To check whether your XUV500 falls under the current recall or not can be verified by entering the serial number of the vehicle on the ‘Service Action’ section of the Mahindra's official website or you can speak directly to customer care department at 1800-209-6006 (24 hours, all days). To help you out we have published photos to indicate where you can find the serial number on your Mahindra XUV500.

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