Cops Fail To Ride Harley Davidson Bikes

Gujarat Police Gets Harley Davidson Bikes
Harley On Police Duty
Recently Gujarat police department added two Harley-Davidson bikes to its fleet of vehicles inorder to escort the convoys of VIP's during the Vibrant Gujarat Summit-2015. This news received wide media coverage and some even felt that India has risen up to Dubai's standard where it's quite common for police force to use international superbikes. But a major twist in the story came on the D-day, when just few hours before the event the policemen failed to ride the new bikes during the trial run.

Harley Davidson Bikes For Police

Harley Davidson Street 750 and the SuperLow were bought by police department at a cost of about Rs 10 lakhs. But to save themselves from an embarrassing position during the event, officers decided at the last moment to replace the Davidson bikes with police vans in the security convoy. According to IndianExpress report the problem occurred when policemen failed to maintain their balance while riding the heavy superbikes and were overwhelmed by its pickup and speed since they were not given adequate training.

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