Apple Preparing To Revolutionize Automobiles

Apple's Self Driving Electric Concept Car
Apple Car Project
Automobiles are no longer just vehicles that simply move you around. They are increasingly becoming more like devices with automated electronic gadgetry making them fool proof, literally. According to a report by Reuter Apple is working on a secret car project codenamed "Titan" which is all about developing a self driving electric car which will be competing against other such high-profile car projects like that of Google's.

Apple's Self Driving Concept Electric Car

Companies like Apple and Google are leaders in creating amazing softwares for mobile devices that have revolutionized the way we live and work. Now they are looking beyond their staple field and want to become part of rapidly evolving automobile industry. This is not because they want to make cool cars but are rather more interested in creating and controlling the operating system and the user interface using which the self-driving cars of the future will run.

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