ABS Can Save Lives Of Two Wheel Drivers

ABS brakes can save life of motorist
Risky Life Of Motorist
The two-wheelers forms 70% of our country’s vehicular population and at the same time accounts for major number of accidents and deaths. According to government data, more than 39,353 people were killed on Indian roads in 2013 while riding two-wheelers. This is a scary figure considering that most of these accidents could have been prevented if two-wheeler drivers were able to maintain control of their vehicle and stop it on time.

The two videos below demonstrates what happens in an accident situation and how a vehicle becomes unstable on hard braking. Second situation shows how the vehicle can be brought to immediate halt safely if only it came with ABS brakes. So we need not just good helmets but also better brakes for our two wheelers. Please spread the awareness and share it with others.

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