A Ride In Google's Self Driving Car

Google's Self-Driving Car Test Ride
For a long time Google has been retrofitting conventional cars/SUVs with lasers, radar, cameras and computers to learn how to convert them into self driving automobiles. And now Google has developed its own 2-seater electric self-driving prototype vehicle which hides most of the ugly sensors and gadgets under the surface and has a cute looking face.

This Google 'car of the future' has no steering wheel, accelerator or brake pedal and is designed to require no human intervention during travel, allowing the riders to relax and distract themselves. It feels scary to imagine being in such a car but guys at TheOatmeal.com were brave enough to allow themselves to be driven around in this machine and have survived to share their experience (here) which can be summed up as 'delightfully dull'. Also checkout the video below from a test ride event organized by Google earlier.

A First Ride : Google Self-Driving Car Project

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