2008's Top 10 Best-Selling Vehicles

Ford F-150 Photo Here is the final list of 2008’s best-selling cars, SUVs and trucks in America. Automakers had a rough ride, especially in the December month. Vehicle sales were badly affected by high gas prices for better part of the year and the parting blow was given by the credit crunch that suddenly came up from nowhere. But Ford F-Series Pickup has managed to stay Number 1 on the US Top 10 list for 2008.

The Ford F-Series trucks includes the F-150 and Super Duty models and together their tally for year 08 stands at 515,513. Honda dominates the top ten list with its 3 best seller- Accord, Civic and CR-V while Toyota and Chevrolet follow closely with 2 vehicles each.

The Top 10 Best-Selling Cars of 2008
* Ford F-Series: 515,513
* Chevy Silverado: 465,065
* Toyota Camry: 436,617
* Honda Accord: 372,789
* Toyota Corolla: 351,007
* Honda Civic: 339,289
* Nissan Altima: 269,668
* Chevy Impala: 265,840
* Dodge Ram: 245,840
* Honda CR-V: 197,279

Source: Kicking Tires
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Ford F-150 Photo

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