Piloti Prototipo Driving Shoes Gets Your Feet On Track

You use everything for your car and on your car that makes you and your auto happy. But you miss one small thing everytime. Your Driving Shoe. Like tires are designed to give you good road grip, similarly driving shoes are specially designed to cushions the back of your foot while in the car, plus a reinforced lateral side of the right shoe for better control during heel-and-toe downshifting. One of the beter known driving shoe maker is Piloti.

When you buy one of Piloti's shoe like Prototipo, you get Piloti’s patented Roll Control heel. On top, the Prototipos feature a combination of premium suede and mesh in a low-cut style that looks great whether you’re driving a Ferrari, a Civic Si, or just bragging about your skills at the car club.

So if you’re serious about your driving -- especially if you own a car with a manual transmission -- you need superior equipment on your busy feet. That means a proper pair of driving shoes. You can get them for anything between $80 to $100.

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