Toyota Hi-CT concept

Toyota's Hi-CT concept aims to offer a new 'coolness' for automobiles. A

departure from conventional vehicles, the Hi-CT (pronounced Hi-city) is an edgy, urban plug-in electric vehicle inspired by the thinking and lifestyles of youth.
Through its avant-garde exterior design and varied configurations, the concept's goal is to offer a sense of enjoyment from a vehicle. Called a 'hi-ride city truck', it features a removable rear trunk and a deck where surfboards, bicycles and other equipment can be loaded.
Powered by plug-in hybrid technology, the Hi-CT is able to be recharged from

an external power source, which gives it a greater driving range when running on its battery-powered motor. The concept also includes a 100V AC accessory socket that enables stored electricity to be used to power a variety of electronic gadgetry. And with the battery located under the floor, the Hi-CT achieves a highly efficient cabin with a higher driver position.

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